Christmas Wreaths Made In America

Because Americans have a unique traditional way of celebrating Christmas and honoring our past, our wreaths should be made in America, not some foreign country. Companies such as Worcester Wreath Company located in Maine make thousands of beautiful balsam wreaths. This is a good source of christmas wreaths for Americans. Since 1971, this family owned business has been hand making these wreaths and also marketing trees and centerpieces of balsam. This company is a good source for these traditional holiday decorations and gifts.

Where Does The Balsam Come From?

This Maine company manages its own balsam forest of 4,000 acres. The trees are not cut down in total but have partial branches harvested so that the remaining branch can grow another tip for future use. Half or less of the branches are harvested in a year so that the trees can remain healthy. Each tree can only be harvested every three years. This sustainable way of harvesting is earth friendly and cost effective. This form of balsam harvesting results in a superior product that has lush green color, thick texture, and great aroma. The products are made and shipped within 24 hours of being harvested so the customer is getting a fresh, aromatic product for the holiday season. The products are shipped directly from the main woods to customer’s doors. Customers can contact the firm at for information on the company and the manufacturing process.


Wreaths Across America

In 1992 the Worcester Wreath Company donated their surplus wreaths to the Arlington National Cemetery. Groups volunteered to help decorate, transport the wreaths, and lay them on veterans gravestones. The practice grew until in 2007 the Wreaths Across America foundation was formed as a non-profit group to expand the practice of laying balsam wreaths on veteran’s gravestones all across America at Christmas time. Though the wreath manufacturers are the Founders of Wreaths Across America, the donations and volunteer efforts now go to and through the non-profit organization.

Fundraising With Wreaths

The company has a fund-raising program for schools, teams, organizations, and community programs to raise money for their projects. The groups sign up for the program and receive a promotion ID, fliers and other promotional materials. The marketing is simple and the product easy to sell. The customers can order online with the promotional ID and the group will receive a percentage of the sales. With this program, the group does not need to handle the wreaths at all but makes less money per wreath. The second program involves the group taking orders for three different items, collecting the money, and sending the tally sheets and money to the company who then packages up the products and sends them to the group to distribute. The groups can make more money this way but also put more effort in.

For more information, go to the website.


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